Monday, November 14, 2005

The Effed Fourth Estate

Rarely does the Indian MSM dole out such wholesome entertainment. They generally fail to deliver when they trying. However, extremely efficient reporting has come up with some scintillating news. Monica Bedi hates Indian prisons and is getting wildly nostalgic about her comfy old days in Portugese prison. To make it worse, she has been estranged from her bosom buddies who lovingly have been referred to as 'those two' by the erudite reporter. Sad, since they were moved out 'before she could develop friendship' with the comely 'those two'. When will the bad english, braindead reporting and the numbskulls stop ?

These are sad times for Monica Bedi in particular and the Indian fourth estate in general.

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Soham Pablo said...

TOI everywhere has been a rag for a long time. AT least till a few months ago the BOmbay edition used to be readable. But now even that has become, quite simply, a tabloid. Nonsense makes news here. Check out the Pune Edition of Indian Express. It's a whole lot better, especially when it comes to local news. They did a lot of good uncovering issues for the public (eg. Prepaid txi scam at the railway stations, Bad road scenario coverups by the officials etc.).
I read the Monica Bedi story today and frankly speaking, was disgusted. They should just rename the paper as 'The Times of India - a fairytale'.