Monday, September 26, 2005

Switched To Opera

I just switched to Opera. Very nice browser. Two reasons why I switched.
  • The tab browsing extension for firefox just broke.
  • Opera went free ! Hated those pesky ads on the top.
  • Things that I discovered about it, after I started using it
  • It has a nice look and feel on linux. The fonts are very pleasing and the skin interface is very convenient. Also, the tabbed browsing is just perfect. The desktop is never cluttered with runaway windows. Has a links sidebar which is also very nice. Displays all links on the page you are browsing. Very convenient.
  • The mail interface is very cool. Has the google mail style label thingy which is rather neat. Combines it with the evolution style vfolder thing. It also categorizes the attachments in you mailbox which is really helpful. It also incorporates a very usable RSS feed reader. The sad thing is that I will return to evolution after my company has shifted to Exchange calendaring.
  • The mail client does NOT have any LDAP support. AAARGH !! That is rather stupid. Imagine a mail client not having LDAP support. I did not even bother to look up the documentation whether LDAP was supported. I kept trying to configure it. Then I discover that in a rather curt reply that it might eventually get LDAP support. I have to do this aargh thing again.. AARRRRGHHH !
  • It crashes rather abrubtly at times. Did it a couple of times on itself. Go in to edit a draft and the whole browser just disappears. Also it does not have a bug reporting system in case it crashes. So this fellow is crashing away and the developers do not even know. The open vs closed source debate again I guess....
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    Dinesh said...

    The Opera is kind of cool. Check out the Firefox 1.5. Nothing very fancy but its more stable.
    And to get rid of spam comments, turn on word verification, in your blogs. It works