Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My foray into Karaoke

I had a short stint in Japan. About a three months. At the end of my three months of badly pronouncing wrong japanese (nihongo), all my japanese (nihonjin) colleagues decided to celebrate the fact that I was finally leaving. For their entertainment purposes, they took me along too. The place we went to had small karaoke cabins and they were not soundproof. Due to this slight flaw in the design of these cabins, the musical exertions of the denizens in neighbouring cabin were no secrets to us. Noting my slight puzzlement at exactly which song the artiste in the adjoining room was rendering, S-san opined that it was 'Careless Whisper'. T-san however thought it was 'Killing Me Softly'. I thought that it was an original -- 'Carelessly Killing Me'. O-san, being the perpetual philosopher that he is, sipped his beer elegantly, and in his rather curtailed, utility-english apologized, "B-san, bad musicians". He then gave a deep, understanding nod. I was totally convinced. I dove into my sushi.

Last weekend, I went over to U.'s place. He has got this Karaoke application which runs on windows. To be truthful, U. turned out to be rather good at the karaoke thing. He sang me a few songs to which I had to admit that the man was not very tonedeaf. I then decided to try my vocal skills with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. I am a bad musician.

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Dinesh said...

have you hit somekind of karaoker's block.. how can you listen to your own vocals? Its (biologically) NP-hard. All you need is your own karaoke and little practice. Don't commit harakiri , there are lot of bad musicians making lot of money. Arigato