Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Bad Poem ( with Hyperlinks! )

For some time now this blog has been quiet.
This bad poem ( hopefully ) will set it right.

"Has Bald Monkey had it ?" they say.
"No more verbal diarrohea coming this way ?"

Something's amiss -- they can surely tell.
"For days now he hasn't fought over the GPL !!"

"We know for real. The man is wasting away...
He has reloaded Slashdot only thrice today.."

They think that tis' a brain failure thats taken me aback.
The truth is more serious -- It's like a DoS attack !!

In some strange web my source code is ensnared.
All my quicksorts are going O(n2) !

It is strange. It does not make sense.
My kobject has an unexplained reference.

I however have with me the healing power of caffeine !
A few sleepless nights and back I'll be, where I have been.

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Anonymous said...

I am elated.The eternal,unabashed geek is back with a vengeance.......

silverine said...

lol that was a neat comeback poem! I came here via some blog and am still chuckling :))

Hiren said...

Hehe, All I will say is that we are two of a kind.

Anonymous said...

Minus the geek lingo me fond memories of times gone by...and of the night we all did

" Silent night, everything's quiet.
Something's wrong with the goddamn light !!!"

Good for you dude...reading your blogs feels good !!!

Bald Monkey said...

Thanks man. Yes the "silent night" poem does bring back a lot of memories. Those were good times.