Friday, October 13, 2006

Word Verification

It was a lovely nippy morning. Just the morning to sip some (free) coffee at work and surf the (free) Internet and post a few inconsequential comments on some markedly horrible blogs.

Commenting on blogs is a lowly, but well established method of wasting productive time. To add some consequence and weight to this activity, has introduced the system of word verification. Word verification claims to keep the spam out of the comments. The actual purpose of it all however is to add to the otherwise useless activity of commenting on blogs, a certain grandeur and importance -- a sentiment and motive I have wholesome respect for. I am therefore extremely sad to announce that this very morning, my esteem for the whole word verification thingy has been subjected to some damage.

I was, in my harmless and inconsequential nature, posting a redundant comment on an equally redundant blog when it happened. Without any prior warning or any discernable motive, confronted me this monstrosity:

The trauma caused during the decipherment of the number of w-s and v-s in the whole thingy has been considerable. After duly posting the comment, I had to rapidly suck in two cups of very strong (free) coffee to fully recuperate so that I could resume dutifully dawdling over my work.

Word verification for me does not hold that same golden stature of glory that it did in its days of yore.



Your blog asks me to verify kewvfkb. Heh.

And I agree with you re comments :)


And what's with the "horrible" adjective? The haikus I've read here are better than almost all others I've come across.

But I'm not a huge fan of haikus, I must confess. It somehow escapes me

Bald Monkey said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I would however urge you to follow the haiku blog, and I ensure you that I shall live up to the horrible adjective. :)


I did :)

Shankari said...

I've come across the same thing too- and I thought it was all mine :(

Didn't know that word veris are recycled and that they are not mine alone and unique but get used by others! One learns!


reminds me of Mr KK Vij who attempted to teach me something (I remember not what) in some previous avatar of mine
And to think someone else will now use it :(