Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A rather feeble attempt at some Haiku. The images of nature are from the north-east and the north of India where I have lived and grown up in. My visits to Japan have been too short and hectic to actually spend any time alone with nature.

Silent rose shaped cloud.
A cold winter afternoon --
My long lost childhood.
Sultry humid night.
First short, cold monsoon shower --
Fresh sheet. New poem.
Slow rain on the trees,
gently washing drooping leaves --
Cleaning memories.
Warm, whispering winds,
mourn in the bamboo forest --
Her last fading breath.


!an said...

hey there, i'm taking a break from work and came across your blog. i kinda like your haiku - would you like to write haiku for my blog?

go on, you know you want to.